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Very stable -- never seen a crash w/AfterShot Pro

CAcreeks wrote:

Archer66 wrote:

I agree, I was curious about ASP and downloaded a trial version. Wasn't impressed with it crashing after only 10 min of light use. Uninstalled it after that.

Was that on Windows?

It seems very solid on Linux. Haven't tried Mac yet.

I haven't seen a crash since earlier Bibble versions.

I've never seen one with Corel AfterShot Pro, period.

AfterShot Pro has been very solid for me. But, even though I've got it installed in both 64 Bit Win 7 and Linux, I don't use the Windows version very often. So, I don't have a lot of experience with the Windows releases.

Now, the latest version (just released a few days ago) does do things like make use of GPU acceleration via OpenCL. So, that could potentially cause issues.

Upgrading video drivers to the latest versions is probably a good idea, and I'd check the manufacturers' web site to get the latest drivers:

Intel Drivers:

Nvidia Drivers:

AMD Drivers:

But, I'd just disable use of OpenCL if you run into any stability issues. Even without the use of OpenCL, AfterShot Pro is already much faster than competing products like Adobe Lightroom. Also, some reports I've seen show a slowdown using some video cards with OpenCL enabled.

So, if you see any problems, I'd just disable GPU Acceleration features in the AfterShot Pro preferences (as use of OpenCL is a brand new feature and is likely to have a few issues before the "kinks" are worked out).

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