Do the phone cameras change the demand for real cameras?

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Re: Do the phone cameras change the demand for real cameras?

Limburger wrote:

photogirl7 wrote:

That's an interesting question. I think for photography enthusiasts - like those on this forum - the dslr will always be in demand. But for those who are considering an entry level dslr or advanced P&S, the good IQ provided by the smartphones might just sway them away from those cameras.

I attended the LA Auto show this year, which draws upwards of 90 thousand people on the weekends. I spent 6 hours there and saw maybe 9 or 10 people with dslrs. Everyone else was using phones or p&s.

That says something about the carshow not photography imo.

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Cheers Mike

I disagree, it reflect a general shift what the general public use to take photos.  10 years ago most of the photographs at a car show would have been taken with camera and I suspect SLRs would have been used by a lot of people.  Good quality camera phones are changing how society takes photos.

My view is that the availability of good shots from camera phones will decimate cheap point and shoot cameras but will either have little effect on dSLR sales or increase them.  What will effect dSLR sales is the new mirror less interchangeable lens cameras, with some of the camera phone users choosing to go this way when they want to get a better camera.

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