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Re: Barry: actually it DID WORK just a week ago, and...

jpr2 wrote:

...and in a way it makes lot of sense:
  • the red NEW appeared on threads that I previously opened (at any time in the past; hence the threads of a potential interest to me personally) - just when someone posted a new message on them;
  • but... NOT on any other threads;
  • and it DID DISAPPEAR right after my reading of such new message;
  • in other words it was perfect: timely, easy to spot, and not cluttering my personal experience with a pseudo-information of no interest to me!!

btw. closing and reopening all browsers and communicators each time just in order to have updated info on DPR alone has a beautifully Kafkaesque streak of a genuine insanity, inherent solely in truly oppressive societies


Barry Margolius wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

DonA2 wrote:

It all seems to be back to normal. That is the read threads are grayed out and the 'new' threads have the red NEW icons. This is the way it was up to a few days ago and it worked well. The more 'color' that was added the worse it became. Choices in print color and format are very useful but the old "keep-it-simple" principal always works well. One shouldn't need a detailed instruction manual for posting.

from your description of "normality" above only the "graying out" bit describes correctly what I observe on my browser (FFox):

  • on the "Open Talk" forum RED are peppering threads' list down to 7 hours;
  • but on the NEX forum they go down only to 3 hours;
  • if there is any logic in this it remains obtuse to me;
  • and your post (the on to which I'm replying right now) has a RED label sticking to it no matter how many times it got opened = I've tried to "unlabel" it several times already to no avail


As I understand it it works like this: the red NEW indicators show the changes since you last read the specific forum in question. That, in itself, is pretty simple, but it is complicated by the fact that the indicators are not reset until you close your browser (actually until you close all instances of your browser), so, depending on your computer usage habits, your results may vary.

For me, I force myself to close all copies of Firefox when I finish reading DPR. This guarantees that the next time I visit, all threads modified since I left will show the NEW indicator.


jpr2:  I sympathize with you that it no longer works like it did a week ago, but it now works (at least for me) like it did two months ago, and I like this methodology very much.  It shows me a list of all threads that have been updated since I was last online - just what I like.

As for your anger about having to close your browser, this is a requirement of the browser.  Since the NEW flags are cached in the browser, it won't release them without closing the session.  OK, it's a computer, there's surely a programming way around this, but it's probably not worth the (rather large) effort to implement it -- even more so since, in my vision of "properly", the feature is now working properly.

Sorry that we have such a divergent disagreement about the way it should work.


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