The best camera for macro?

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Re: The best camera for macro?

Peter too wrote:

brightcolours wrote:

Peter too wrote:

What I am interested in is whether a full frame camera would produce a higher IQ than a crop. For example using the 65mm 1-5X would a photograph of a 5mm insect at 3X magnification on a 7D be better or worse than 5X magnification of the same insect on a 5D lll or 6D?

3X on a 7D, and 5X on 6D? Why the difference?

At the same distance, the insect will be BIGGER in the image with a 7D than with a 6D/5D. Exactly 1.6x bigger. More magnification in print with the 7D/60D/650D than with the 5D/6D at the same shooting distance.

There will be no difference in quality, if you take equivalent photos.... (equivalent apertures and equivalent ISO settings). A bit complicated to explain.

The obvious difference will be the different field of view with the same lens. The FF cameras will show a wider view (and a smaller insect at same distance).

The 7D does not offer any real advantage over the 60D and 650D IQ wise. the 60D and 650D do offer an advantage over the 7D, which is their swivel LCD.

3X on the 7D and 5X on the 6D both fill about 70% of the frame. So if I then print them both A3 which will look better? The full frame is supposed to produce better landscape and portrait images than crop does this advantage carry over to macro?

Full frame does not per se produce better images on FF. When you use equivalent apertures, and equivalent field of view, the images will be very the same. Full frame can offer a slightly better dynamic range, which is handy for people who like to compress a larger dynamic range into a lesser dynamic range (lowering contrast). The difference between FF and APS-C for landscape stuff is very small, and depends mostly on the quality of the optics.

For portrait, the FF advantage lays in the fact that a shallower depth of field is possible (depending on the lens used).

For the macro, the only difference you will see is the change in field of view (more narrow field of view from the APS-C combination). The difference in distance to the subject and the more narrow field of view change the perspective and the width/height for things appear in the background. The difference in quality will be small.

The bigger difference is that with the same lens, you can get things bigger on the image with APS-C.

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