IQ, old F20/30 vs. XF1 (I a should have asked it this way before)

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Re: The trouble with Auto DR ...

danny_only wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

danny_only wrote:

M-size is no longer needed in newer Fuji cameras...  I was referring to X-10 and X-F1, the sensor is well balanced in DR, Resolution and Noise department, making it a good alternate solution to the EXR sensor for Fujifilm.

Still the best general setting for every EXR camera in my opinion.

I agree with KimL here, not Danny_only.

The tests of the X10 show terrible highlight blow-out at L size. Much worse than competitive cameras such as the G12 or P7100. Take a look at the Dynamic Range series on their Samples page. The 100% is just awful, 200% is a bit better, and 400% is great. In this scene AutoDR has selected something in between 100 and 200% (wow). Bad decision!

These samples are L size and do not take advantage of hardware EXR, so the 400% is at ISO 400 unnecessarily. Fortunately the X10 is still very good at ISO 400. I don't know if AutoDR would work better in M size. Probably not.

Bottom line: just because Hugo says he shoots the F200EXR  at DR 200% in dark inner-city conditions, it does not mean everybody should shoot all EXR cameras like that.

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