The best camera for macro?

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Re: The best camera for macro?

Erland Nielsen wrote:

I've been doing insects for 14 years, 50-150-180 mm standard macro lenses, and the Mp-E 65. I mostly use the longer lenses. FF camera is for me something I like. Especially with the Mp-E 65. You get the ability to fit a larger insect in the frame. On a crop camera the "perceived magnification" range is shifted, getting extremely close at 5:1, but the ability to fit insects sized between 22,5 and 36 mm is lost, compared to FF.

Low light is important for me too. I don't use flash, but use mostly monopod and occasionally a tripod. Currently enjoying my new Sigma 180/2.8 OS on 5DIII.

That's interesting. Light is certainly an issue where I thought full frame might have an advantage over crop. Flash is almost essential for live insect photography at high magnification with the 65mm but with the 100mm macro or 1-2X magnification with the 65mm natural lighting becomes possible and the full frame might have an advantage.

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