What Makes a Good Image -- Getting Help From PPG (6 images)

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Re: What Makes a Good Image -- Getting Help From PPG (6 images)

breeze_of_wind wrote:

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Wallace Ross wrote:

I find that PPG steers photographers towards the same images. Granted they will be fine images that hit all the expected compositional notes, but it doesn't encorage experimentation in fact it stifles it. It's like a downward spiral until everyone will only post the same image. Okay that may be extreeme but without constructive feedback it's just a "what is popular?" process.

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Although I agree with you to a point - if you take out all of the landscape, bird, moth, and portraits of kids and Asian girlfriends there wouldn't be much left - I have had a number of photos accepted that don't "fit in" (although I do have an obligatory moth photo). But that being said, I still find some inspiration from the better work presented in the PPG.

Now if only Pentax would actually do some monitoring and editing to eliminate all of the annoying "every shot from a photo shoot of the same subject" photos. Geesh, can't people edit.

Interesting point of view but in my view one that would needlessly limit our understanding of the challenges faced and solutions found by people who shoot in these areas. First I could only wish that I was a great landscape photographer. This is an area in which I need to improve and I have benefited from looking at the work of others on PPG. I do a lot of international traveling and I am always asking myself how do I grab the scene in a way that is different, interesting, and memorable. Not easy to do. As to bird and moths there are many of us who love the challenge and are good at it -- put me in that column. Sorry if it clutters the space but I enjoy the challenge. Now as to kids and Asian girl friends -- wow, now I do think you have gone too far. Some are into photography for just this reason -- taking images that tell us about people, those we love and those we should know more about. I will grant you that some of the posts put up for review on PPG are uninteresting, in which case vote against the acceptance of the image -- the artist will learn from the rejection. But some photos of children and girl friends (Asian or otherwise) are stunning.


I am not saying I don't like any of those shots, I was just agreeing with Wallace in his point about steering to the same images. I am not a landscape photographer and I do find some of the landscape photos quite impressive. I have nothing against kids and girlfriends, although I think some of the children photos should be kept in the family, but 6 photos of the SAME kid and the SAME girlfriend obviously taken within seconds of each other is a bit too much. It is supposed to be a gallery, you pick your best work to be displayed. If you don't know how to edit you shouldn't ask others to do it for you and you shouldn't be submitting to a gallery. Only after your editing can you then evaluate why a photo got accepted or rejected.

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