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When is enough enough?

I fail to understand why people are so fixated on new camera models. In the film era, photographers often kept the same body for decades. Now that we have excellent 4/3 sensors, better than any combination of film that was avialable in the film era, don't we have enough?

I mean really, the 12mp Panny sensor with the Oly JPEG engine finally equalled/surpased film quality in a camera that was as small as or smaller than a film equivaltent body. FF dSLR's were always monstrosities that never really had a place in an amature's kit bag and they are getting worse. Prices on u 4/3 cameras have finally come down to the same or less than film era equivalents.

So, what more do we need?

Isn't the GH-3 really a step in the wrong direction?

Maybe it's time to start focusing on lenses and forget about upgrading bodies?

And I am not talking about pointless $1200.00 f/2.8 zoom lenses.  How about some simple manual focus 12, 24 and 48mm f/2  lenses a la Voigtlander but with plastic bodies  selling for $99.00 each?  Think it can't be done?  Look at the Fujinon 35mm f/1.8 that sells for about $35.00.

Really, for 99% of us, the new 16mp sensor is not going to make any diffference in 99% of our photography.

I see evidence in this Forum of people so gear obesessed that I don't think they actually take any photo's at all.  Over the past few weeks one poster has started numerous threads with all sorts of hypothetical questions about things that really don't matter  yet still has not purchased a camera, posted a photo or started a Gallery.

Reminds me of PhotoPerzon but at least he takes some photos!

Maybe they represent the future of photography-you just talk about equipment you will never buy and don't actually ever take a photo?


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