Would you buy D600 WITH LENS at $1996.95?

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Re: Would you buy D600 WITH LENS at $1996.95?

sshoihet wrote:

mistermejia wrote:

WOOOOW! I just noticed D600 price at Amazon has gone down DRAMATICALLY. At $1999 with a 24-85 lens, that is a whole different story now and very tempting to go ahead and sell my D7000, 16-85 lens and a couple other goodies that i can sell that ii have in my garage.

This is really something to think about now. But then again it is tempting to see what the D7000 replacement will have, like improved Auto Focus, ISO and built-in Wi-Fi which these things are important to me. Hopefully D7000 replacement will be around $1299 as D7000 was, a very attractive price also, for a newer body, and i could hopefully keep my D7000 battery pack with the new body model. Tough tought choices!!

By the way, can someone confirm that i can use my Nikon 28-105 AFD on D600, i believe that lens is for FF.

Your thoughts on this? Thanks!

If it was two years ago, I would probably purchase it over my D7000 + 16-85mm lens... but I won't now.
A larger sensor in a D7000 body is just not enough of an upgrade to me, I'd rather have a better DX sensor in a D300 style body as I miss the additional features/controls far more than I do the larger FX sensor. I won't purchase an improved DX sensor in a D7000 style body either. I know plenty of people still producing excellent images with their D300 cameras, that didn't purchase a D7000 and won't purchase a D600 either, for the same reasons.
I'm considering purchasing a used D700 in the next little while; for the sizes I print and display at, it offers sufficient resolution. I might purchase a D800 in a year or so when my D7000 requires replacement.

I posted my D7000 for sale last night for $650, we'll see what happens, a bunch of people have already called me. I will be selling my camera for sure, but at this point i am not still sure which body i will get. The D600 at this discounted price IS certainly very tempting, but i still have to come up with $1900 which i don't currently have, that is my only problem, plus i am in the process of renovating part of my house.

I also have seen in Craigslist D700 for $1200 with around 8K actuations, that is NOT bad at all, D700 is fantastic, never have used it but from what i understand is a beast of a camera with full metal jacket PRO body and GREAT AF. Very tempting also and i might just end up getting a D700 because i mainly shoot portraits of my kids friends and family, i don't do landscape and super fast action, and really DON'T need high mega pixels, and i really don't feel that i will be "downgrading" from a D7000 to a D700, AF on a D700 is WAY BETTER than on the D7K.

My last option i am considering is just putting the money in a savings account meanwhile a D7000 replacement comes out, i would definitely like to have Wi-Fi capability, i know my wife will LOVE that.

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