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texinwien wrote:

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texinwien wrote:

irvin wrote:

Have you seen any review or sample picture/video shot with the GH3 that makes you think it's significantly better than the GH2? I haven't.

I haven't seen many full reviews, as of yet, but yes, I have seen a number of reviewers and owners who compare the GH3 IQ to that of the OMD, and that would be a significant improvement over the GH2.

As I said, the GH3 would make up for half of the GH2's IQ disadvantage as compared to the D7000, if the GH3 has equaled or bettered the IQ od the OM-D.

Seems to me you're making a judgement on the camera before it's really been widely reviewed.

Or, let me turn your question around - have you seen reviews or sample pictures/videos shot with the GH3 that make you think it's not significantly better than the GH2? I haven't.


This is a review:


" “All in all the GH3 is an incredible successor to the GH2 and a better camera in most ways – even when compared to a hacked GH2. With that said it does potentially suffer from more moire than the GH2 and the jump in image quality isn’t drastically different.”

I'm not going to belabor the point, but 'drastically' is not a synonym for 'significantly' where I come from. Do you consider the D7000 to have drastically better IQ than the GH2? One other point, I don't know any of the listed reviewers, and I hesitate to take amateur testers' conclusions at face value. I'd prefer to wait for someone professional like Imaging Resource to review the GH3 before I make any wide-ranging conclusions.

I'd also like to point out that a number of other features have either been added to or improved on the GH3. The electronic shutter, the wifi connectivity, the improved touch screen. I'm not a GH3 expert, so I'm not going to attempt to list all of the improvements or new features, but I think it's clear that more has been improved on or added to the GH3 than just the weather sealing.

Now, please note that my original post is not specific to this camera. My original post is directed at the scalating prices of 4/3 gear - and mention the GH3 as an example. It's becoming a bit of a ripoff...

Right, but if one of your main examples that are supposed to offer proof for this assertion doesn't really stand up to scrutiny, where does that leave us?


I can't debate with you the use of the word "drastically" by SOMEONE ELSE. Go ask him.

As for my example, not "stand(ing) up to scrutiny", we will have to agree to disagree. I think the evidence is there for everyone to see.

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