Aperture or Lightroom and why?

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Re: Lightroom - I don't have to have a Mac to use it

Danielepaolo wrote:

Knuckles 79 wrote:

Absolutely correct. I have two programs that I downloaded from other vendors, other than through the Apple Store. Both processing software from reliable companies.

I also think Microsoft Security Essentials did a fantastic job while I owned Windows products, but I doubt I go back anytime soon. I love my MacBook Pro. In fact, I just installed a Solid State Drive, which makes this thing fly......

Your kids are going to love the iPads. My wife loves hers. She has a MacBook also, and uses the iPad more than the MacBook.... lol.

I get upset with her though, when she starts having conversations with Siri.

I might have to PM the MOD's here to delete your post. I need to make absolute sure my wife does not read this otherwise my pocket will be $2000 lighter.

It's just money Daniel.  Isn't your wife's happiness your primary goal? 

What's her email address, so I can send her this link?

BTW, when you buy that MacBook, you will be amazed at the Retina Display.  It is fantastic.

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

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