The best camera for macro?

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Re: The best camera for macro?

brightcolours wrote:

Peter too wrote:

What I am interested in is whether a full frame camera would produce a higher IQ than a crop. For example using the 65mm 1-5X would a photograph of a 5mm insect at 3X magnification on a 7D be better or worse than 5X magnification of the same insect on a 5D lll or 6D?

3X on a 7D, and 5X on 6D? Why the difference?

At the same distance, the insect will be BIGGER in the image with a 7D than with a 6D/5D. Exactly 1.6x bigger. More magnification in print with the 7D/60D/650D than with the 5D/6D at the same shooting distance.

No, this is again misleading. At the same distance, the size of image of the insect projected onto either sensor will be the same. The only difference will result from different degrees of enlargement of the sensor image. If you take uncropped frame of either the 7D or the 6D image and enlarge them to the same print size, then the bug will indeed be bigger, but only because you have extra "padding" around the bug in the 6D image, and thus did not enlarge as much. But if you crop the 6D image so that it has the same framing as 7D shot, then the degree of enlargement will be the same, and final bug sizes will be the same. I really just comes down to when you want to do your cropping: on the sensor or on the resulting image file.

There will be no difference in quality, if you take equivalent photos.... (equivalent apertures and equivalent ISO settings). A bit complicated to explain.

There is at least the potential for better detail from the crop sensor image, because the pixel density will be higher, and thus there will be more "pixels per bug" applied. But the other factors affecting overall image quality aren't so easy to parse, and I agree with brightcolours that they are basically a wash.

The obvious difference will be the different field of view with the same lens. The FF cameras will show a wider view (and a smaller insect at same distance).

This boils down to the same argument as "reach" in discussions of long distance photography with cropped or full frame senors. I don't want to get into that, except to ensure that it is understood that the concept of magnification strictly applies to the size of the image of an object projected on the sensor compared to the object actual size, regardless of sensor size.


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