Maximize X-Pro1 and X100 Focus performance - Tipps!

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Re: Maximize X-Pro1 and X100 Focus performance - Tipps!

Thanks so much for your tipps and sharing! They are fantastic and extremely helpful. I have XE1 and all the techniques you wrote for Xpro1 applies nicely to it.

One question, where do I turn off the power saving mode? I know there is an option for auto turned off after certain minutes. But I dont see power saving mode in the menu. Thanks for your help.

Sorry I have dig this up. I know this is an old thread but this is just so helpful!


Update: Just configured that XE1 probably does not have power save mode.

smatty wrote:

After 4 month and over 10,000 images with the X-Pro 1 (and 1 year longer with the X100) I put together my experiences and tipps of how to get the most performance from the (auto)focus of these cameras:


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