Bald River is the ROAR!!! (several images)

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Re: You ain't kiddin'!

Capture...just like to be different and stretch the limits!

I almost missed the action shots. My niece and I had pulled into the parking area...leisurely ate our boxed our equipment out...and ambled over to the bridge area. Planning on shooting landscape type stuff I had my wide angle lens on. Thennnn, I saw the guy in the kayak...I RAN back to car, grabbed long lense all the while making setting changes. I had no sooner got back to the bridge than the guy started to shove off. Click, click, chance to get what I got. Thank goodness for my background in shooting was all so natural.

Unfortunately, I never did get in touch with the kayaker. He went on down river. I tried to find him but was never able to :((

But thanks for taking a look at these....even though they probably belong in the action forum :))

PS...the last shot really was a 50sec exposure

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