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texinwien wrote:

irvin wrote:

I paid about $700 for a basic GH2 kit, far less than I could pay for a Nikon offer of similar quality (say, D7000). today, I can get a GH2 body for 500/600 bucks. The GH3 body is $1300 (more than twice) with no dramatic improvements (other that a sealed body).

I'm not so sure that's a fair assessment of the GH3. It seems the GH3 may have the same sensor as the E-M5, which offered noticeable improvements in image quality over the GH2. The GH3 also has a new image processing engine, which some are saying is delivering improved results compared to those of the GH2. I think the jury is still out on exactly how much of an improvement the GH3 is over the GH2, but I have a feeling that your characterization isn't really based on the reality.

It's important to notice that the image quality and general usability of a GH2 (as much as i love it) is clearly inferior to a D7000-and-above Nikon counterpart.

Assuming the GH3 has as good or better IQ than the E-M5, its IQ will be closer to that of the D7000 than the GH2 's IQ was, by a noticeable difference. The E-M5 has basically halved the IQ difference between the GH2 and the D7000.

Have you seen any review or sample picture/video shot with the GH3 that makes you think it's significantly better than the GH2? I haven't.

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