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Barry Stewart wrote:


There's always a point where we say, "For me, this is enough."

Perhaps the deciding factor is price, perhaps it's weight or size, functions, or availability of parts.

It's always a compromise — but a camera's ability to get the shot/video when you want it... with satisfactory quality, has to be a key factor. If you're shooting professionally, your considerations have to keep the customer in the forefront.

I don't know all your requirements but I'm a few years ahead of you. I'm in good physical shape, but I'm tiring of routinely carrying about 10 pounds/ 5 kg of gear in my bag. That's one body (Oly E-5), two lenses, an FL-50r flash, extra batteries, cards, cables, reflectors etc. I'd like to get a kit that could take that weight and volume down to a more manageable level for everyday use.

I plan to buy an Oly µ4/3 camera in the next few days and hope I'll be saying, "For me, this is enough."

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Excellent points, Barry.

That's exactly the way I felt when I switched from Nikon to my current Pana GH2. I do NOT regret the move (and I put a couple of thousands in my pocket when I sold my Nkikon gear). I'm an amateur shooter (all my life, practically, with my first camera being a truly great Pentax K1000).

I think you will not regret the "simplification". I even bought my wife a G3 to keep things simple (she is not into photography, but wanted something a bit better than a point-and-shoot).

Good luck to you!

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