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RaymondR wrote:

I think you are mistaken to have thought there was ever a significant overall price savings to be had in m4/3 vs. cropped DSLR and that a comparison to pricing on full frame DSLRs is on its face pretty odd. When new m4/3 bodies have rolled out, their pricing was comparable to simiilarly specced cropped sensor DSLRs. The same is true on lenses. The main advantage of m4/3 has always been size/weight/form factor, never price. Price has factored in only as the m4/3 makers have discounted older models when newer models have rolled out.

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Perhaps I did not express my thoughts clearly. Let me give you an example: I paid about $700 for a basic GH2 kit, far less than I could pay for a Nikon offer of similar quality (say, D7000). today, I can get a GH2 body for 500/600 bucks. The GH3 body is $1300 (more than twice) with no dramatic improvements (other that a sealed body). The decent lenses are running very high prices, too.

It's important to notice that the image quality and general usability of a GH2 (as much as i love it) is clearly inferior to a D7000-and-above Nikon counterpart. Even my old D300 shot better pictures, to be honest. I love my Micro 4/3 equipment and can live with the limitations, but if I have to spend a lot of money, I'd be willing to deal with the extra weight/size in exchange for the better quality.

And yes, I'd expect the Micro 4/3 format to offer incentives in terms other than size/weight. Because there are compromises with have to live with - like lower quality pictures, fewer lenses to choose from, equipment not retaining much of its value, etc.

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