Corel AfterShot Pro version is now available

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Re: Corel AfterShot Pro version is now available

SirSeth wrote:

Anyone using it on Linux?

I've used it, though not extensively. In mid-December I think it was on sale for US$40, but is back up to US$60 now. I'd be tempted if they offer a similar discount again, but really need to work through more of the tutorials and plugins to be sure.

I'm running Debian amd64 unstable, and for various reasons opted to install it in a local VM and run it from there. The trial period is 1 month, and presumably it phones home in order to stop you re-running sequential 1 month trials on the same machine. It seems to run nice and snappily across a virtual network link, though this is on an i7 with 16GB, and the VM having 1 core and 2GB. I hasten to add that I haven't done anything especially challenging with the software yet.

I can't really comment on the interface and features, other than to observe that there's lots of features in the thing that I know I'll never use. The integrated workflow side, for example, doesn't appeal - tagging sophistication doesn't seem to compare to things like KPhotoAlbum, and I *expect* it's going to be hard or impossible to extract your data from AfterShotPro later on if you decide to go elsewhere, but don't quote me on that. If it's the case it would be in keeping with most proprietary software, but that doesn't make it appealing.

I can comment on the installation, however, and while it's a nice sentiment for companies to deign to flog non-free software on this platform, it was a bit frustrating to have to install the multiarch support even after selecting the amd64 version of the .deb package. (They offer both _amd64 and _i386 versions for download.)

So no advantage is taken of the 64bit environment, and, as I say, your machine will be crufted up with the nightmare that is i386 multiarch. One assumes that either their code base is so sloppy as to make cross compilation up to native 64bit too bothersome, or they just couldn't be arsed - neither possibility is particularly encouraging. Running in a VM is a good way of isolating the impact of multiarch, of course.

As soon as you run it the thing, without any images loaded, it grabs just over 1GB of RAM (virt, of which 200 resident) so it's a thirsty young thing.

The deb package installs to /opt/, which is probably reasonable. It comes bundled with some Qt 4.7 libraries. The 1.1.x upgrade may bring some of these up to date, but it's still regrettable that they're doubling up on binaries that could simply be called in as dependencies. Again, a lack of sophistication that is discouraging.

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