SX50 - Moon Shot - Advice appreciated

Started Dec 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Gopal Venkat Junior Member • Posts: 28
Re: SX50 - Moon Shot - Advice appreciated

All Moon shots tonight (will post some of them later) were take with a tripod and with a self-timer set anywhere from 2-5 seconds.

When exposed at a lower shutter speed, the moon exposure appeared brighter, but appeared to lose a lot of detail.("proper exposure" and "over exposure" appear to kill details - hence underexposure of -2 to -1 1/3)

Yes, I did read that anything beyond 2x will result in noise - just wanted to try my hand at it anyway. I also sincerely wish that shooting in RAW was possible in Digital Zoom - guess I can't have it all!

Anyways, here is another shot - with the shutter reduced to 1/200 (rest remain the same aperture 6.5, ISO 80, 4800 mm)

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