D4 advice for a D3S user

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Re: D4 advice for a D3S user

rivercanyon wrote:

Raul wrote:

for me, the D4 was a waste of money since I do not have a specific need for it

Thanks so much for the response Raul. Can you give me an idea of situations when you are choosing your D3s over the D4? Where is the D4 falling short for you?

Long story made short. (I do not do sports) The D3s was my studio and low light camera (small format). Then came the D800 and away with the 3s for studio when I need the large files of the 800 (I avoid the D800 whenever possible, even with the battery pack). The D4 is great and better but I prefer the 3s because of the smaller files and I get more from it in low light.

Again, it depends on the job. Here in Chile there is little interest in photography as art; no prime quality magazines in any field; scarce good printing facilities and lack of market for large prints. I got the D4 under the spell of consumerism. (Not to mention the memory cards: I love compact flash)

It surely is a different story in a more cultured country.


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