Canon EOS Rebel G 35mm film Questions

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Dan Hudson wrote:

I got so many good answers last quest, I am here to submit my latest more advanced questions.

Shooting with a new to me 35mm Canon EOS Rebel G....
If it turns out that this body is bad, I have another similar used GII.
Have not tried the GII with film yet.

1. First roll of film (Fujifilm 200 color 24 exp processed at CVS). Negatives look weak except for one near the end of the roll. I did not get physical prints since I can make my own and do extensive post processing (digital camera images). Got positives on CD. When viewed on my computer screen, they have a hazy look with little contrast. These images are retrievable but surely the end result could be better if the negatives were better. I have had much experience with B&W film processing and printing in days past while teaching photography to high school students. Have no exp with color film, only exp with digital cameras and images. I think the camera is OK. but the processing is at fault. Developer may have been depleted or another chemical. What confuses me is that one negative is good. Any suggestions?
2. Photos from the film camera (Rebel G) seem small on screen compared to my digital images. I have enlarged them by increasing the resolution. Up to a point they look good, but in the background areas which I have purposely blurred, a grainy texture has appeared very unlike the same treatment on digital images. It does not look too bad, but my efforts are toward perfection in image quality. Thought film would yield better results. Maybe better images would satisfy me more.

Lens used in this test was a Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 II Prime.

Next test will be with the Canon Zoom EF 28-80mm 1:3.5-5.6 V USM Lens. Just got it used too.

Many thanks in advance to all that endeavour to help with this problem.

Could be bad development. If the CVS used in-house machine rather than sending out then they probably aren't replenishing chemicals as often as they should since film development volume is very low these days.

Is this newly purchased film, or is it a couple years old? Film will deteriorate on the shelf. I was partial to Kodak's color print film, but Fujifilm 200 (Superia?) was very well regarded and should produce contrasty and saturated pics.

How did you expose it? Auto exposure with evaluative metering, or did you apply EC or another metering mode?

P.S. one thing to note, the film Rebels handle color print, color slide, and most B+W films without problem, but not Infrared films. The Rebels have a little infrared emitter used to count the sprocket holes in film advance, and this will fog the bottom (top?) edge of the frames of films sensitive to infrared.

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