New Old Camera Film Questions

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Re: New Old Camera Film Questions

Dan Hudson wrote:

What confuses me is that one negative is good. Any suggestions?

I suggest that you shoot some slide film.  With slides you can tell at a glance if the exposure and contrast are good.  It can be difficult to judge color negatives, especially if you don't have experience with them.  Slide film will make it easy to test your camera's light meter, shutter speeds, and aperture settings.  Make sure you take careful notes about the camera settings for each picture.

2. Photos from the film camera (Rebel G) seem small on screen compared to my digital images.

That will depend on the resolution setting of your film scanner, which determines the pixel dimensions of the image file.

I have enlarged them by increasing the resolution. Up to a point they look good, but in the background areas which I have purposely blurred, a grainy texture has appeared very unlike the same treatment on digital images.

I guess what you're seeing is the film grain, or to be more precise, the dye clouds (since strictly speaking color negatives don't have grain like black and white negatives).  In general the lower the ISO of the film the less noticeable the "grain" will be, but it will probably never be as smooth as what you can get from a good digital camera at a low ISO setting.

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