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Ronj2 wrote:

For studio work it's unlikely you will be shooting at large apertures and high ISOs if your using flash so FF is really not much of an advantage there IMO. Save your money for lighting and modifiers. Even lenses aren't as critical if you shooting at 5.6 -8. Good AF is though.

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Ron J

Thanks Ronj2, very useful info. Also really recommend the 'litup' series linked earlier, very good material to learn from.

In terms of lighting setup, and based on the feedback I've had, I'm looking at getting:

3 x Manfrotto Auto-poles, with super-clamps/arms (I can't see the deluxe version that was recommended earlier...)

2 x Bowens Gemini 400's (or similar) studio strobes

2 x Soft-boxes (70cm ish?)

RF triggers (need to understand the options here a bit more)

I like this config, as it's really flexible and is based on the Manfrotto auto-pole rig, which has loads of options (photo/video in the future). It's also quite minimal in terms of storage and floor space.

I'll research the strobes a bit more, but basically something 300-400watt rated (with 5 stop adjustment), with 2 largish soft-boxes mounted....

Does anyone have any info on how to store the soft-boxes, can they collapse down easily, or would umbrella's be better for non-permanent setup?

...I'd add a beauty dish to this at some point, lit with my 600ex-rt on an auto-pole.

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