RRS or Markins L-Plate ?

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Re: RRS or Markins L-Plate ?

akustykmagmanetpl wrote:

Alberto Tanikawa wrote:

They should all be Arca Swiss compatible,

this is true but it only means that the rail and clamp fit each other. unfortunately, different producers use different designs, especially when it comes to lock/protection systems and there can be some issues/inconveniences/problems when mixing certain hardware. see:


for examples of some known/tested combination.

I myself have Sirui and Benro ballheads, Kirk L-bracket and Benro/Sirui plates. all of those are Arca-Swiss compatible, but because of the bloody "safety pin" thing of Sirui, there are minor problems, i.e. to use Benro plates (which I very much like) I had to remove safety screws. and Kirk's L-bracket has tripod mount grove right where the ballhead base has the pin which means that for horizontal photos L-bracket has to be inserted into rail rather than slid into, otherwise lens and ballhead are not aligned properly. minor issue, but with Benro ballhead this is not present.

anyway, for all combination clamp/plate of RRS and Marking the chart above indicates no problem...

By themI meant Markins and RRS clamps and plates. Thanks for the link though "Arca Swiss compatible" should be a standard with predefined measurements and specifications that all these manufacturers should adhere to, like the ISO 518 for hot shoes design. But even hot shoes and feet aren't created equal, with slight variance that makes some accessories wiggle in place more than others.

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