New Fixed lens for the G2X !!!!!!!!

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Re: F2.8-6 - Kiddin Right ?

AdamT wrote:

An 18-70 F2.8 - F6 would put a sure fire nail in the coffin , it`d need to be F2.8-3.6 and more like F1.8-2.8 to break any ground - problem is that it`d be the size of the 17-50 tamron IS ....

Nope if they`re going to make a G2X then they need to add length to the optic they have - 24mm would just add more distortion and faster would just make it twice the size, slower isn`t even an option. as for the sensor - same again but with even better native low noise would do .

Biggest thing they need to do is get the speed up to Panasonic G series levels

I do agree, if Canon bring out a G2X, the speed should be improved, altrough it seems that Canon could stop the production of the G1X sensor : 1.5" size and maybe come with a DSLR sensor size : 1.6" like this rumor seems to predict, in that case would they need a new lens? probably.

will the G2X not be bigger also in that case? is that a good idea ?

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