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Re: I would prefer the 12mm & 45mm

JCB123 wrote:

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

Jennyhappy2 wrote:

On the EPL5, would you prefer the 12-35mm lens or the 14mm and 25mm lens?

Do the prime lenses compared to a zoom lens really make the pictures shine?

I would prefer the 12-35mm, unless you really need the f/1.4 or 1.8.

About image quality they are both very good.

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but then I don't have the f2.8 zoom.

Mr Hogan prefers those primes too though




That's nothing unusual - primes are in majority cases better than zooms. In this case zoom is pretty close to 12/2 - in all areas. It's a bit slower than 45 or 25, has a bit worse sharpness on edges but other than that it's very sharp, has pretty good OIS and is flexible enough to be the only lens. It's definitely the most used lens on my camera and I'm very happy with results. There are no perfect 24-70 equivalent lenses so no one should expect this one will be perfect - if one wants flexibility one has to give up on quality (or vice versa)

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