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Re: nightclub pics

andybr wrote:

hi ive got a cannon eos 1100d camera with (yn460 speedlite flash) also look though book and cant work out how to get the speedlite flash working on camera when taking pictures at dark places or some light area in nightclubs any one help me ???


The YN-460 (reviewed here) is a manual only flash and will really only work in Av or M modes.

You have to manually adjust the flash output for each picture depending on exactly how much light you need and whether you want the flash to work as main light or fill. This takes practice, a lot of practice, especially for an environment like a night club where ambient light is changing from shot to shot. Manual flashes are usually used in more controlled situations such as a studio or creating a "photo booth".

You would get better results quicker by investing in an e-TTL compatible flash such as the YN-565EX (reviewed here) or Sigma EF 610 DG Super (reviewed here) and keep the YN-460 for use as a remote slave.


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