X-E1 Tips and Settings

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nixda wrote:

Logidelic wrote:

My tip: Turn off image preview.

Originally I thought it was harmless because you can half-press to get out of it. However, even with the half-press, the camera is much slower at letting you get to the next shot when image preview is turned on. I was missing plenty of shots and getting annoyed. With image preview turned off, it's a much better experience.

That's a trade-off, in my experience. Being able to check whether I got the shot without having to go into review mode is worth it for me. I might miss some shots, but I also know sooner if I got the shot. IMO, putting that into the Q-menu and making it a custom-setting option would be great, so that one could switch more quickly.

I would say it is good practice not to look at the screen or any image preview (especially the slow Fuji), just like when shooting with a film camera, especially in fast moving situations - like streets. sports, or a model who keeps changing her pose. You would waste time looking, some other scene might be happening while you are looking at the screen. Anyway, if missed, it was missed, can't do anything about it. Just keep on shooting, even if its the same scene, all you need is a good-size fast storage card.

Here's one guy who found out the hard way, I guess:


Of course, in slow sessions with lots of time, like shooting a flower, I would look at the screen sometimes

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