Aperture locked and lost files

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Re: Aperture far superior for file management but can get confusing

My largest library is 8.1GB.  In going to the contents of the library I find a folder for 2009 but this is library is not 2009 it is 2005.  I am reluctant to remove the 2009 folders from the library and I see no way to do this in Aperture.  The rebuild database command has already been applied and it reduced the size to the current 8.1GB.

All of my files should be by reference, not managed.

Meta tagging in LR4 is far easier than in Aperture, especially after the fact.  In one sitting I was able to meta tag about 1300 pet photos and have them span all the years.  In Aperture I do this either by year or go through and import only those images of our pets and categorize them by their names.

Moving to LR 4.3 from Aperture 3 is not something I am taking lightly.  My copy of LR 4 should be here soon but I am still apprehensive about the move.  Yet I'll probably do it so I can eventually reclaim 27GB of drive space.


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