OM-D5 w/12-50 or X-E1 w/18-55?

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John A Cole wrote:

. I've tried a few OMD's but ended up returning them all due to paints issues, sensor staining and misaligned grip - unfortunately the OMD seems to be plagued by various quality issues currently.

Same here, bought one on a lightning deal from Amazon as a Christmas present for myself. The thing coughed extremely slowly into life, worked for about 1/2 hour and then has been dead ever since. I am about to post it back in about an hours time. For such an expensive camera its just not good enough really and tbh it really shook my faith in Oly after being a loyal customer for many years. Do they bother to check these things before sticking em in the box? They just seem to be making more and more cheap made in China stuff these days, the 45mm f1.8 for example works great but is one of the most cheap and nasty feeling lenses on the market today for what it purports to be. Very sad in comparison to the stunning 4/3 lenses Oly was making. The EP series was a good example, I handled all of them and IMHO the highlight was the E-P2 I owned, from then on everything felt more cheap feeling (even though I believe E-Px is metal sheet over plastic frame).

I don't know maybe I am fed up with Olympus after several years, the OMD was their breakthrough camera in many ways but in other ways such as ergonomics/menus its just the same old from Oly. Simple example, I don't think any modern Olympus camera allows the user to set the minimum shutter speed in auto ISO, neither my E420, E3 or E-P2 could and a search for this on the OMD shows the same problem. Likewise bracketing is almost unusable as it has been on almost every digital Olympus body. They have had plenty of chances to fix these things so one must conclude that they really don't give a stuff what we think and so won't. This is perhaps the single biggest difference between Olympus and Fuji, Fuji really does seem to listen to its customers and improve their products in the way people want. Many had various criticisms of the X100, Fuji listened and improved the camera hugely with firmware updates. They also went further and improved most of the ergonomic/control criticisms with the new X-pro and X-e1 bodies. Just remember it took Olympus several years to go from the crippled E-P1 to the slick EM5, Fuji IMHO have done 80% of that in one generation. One could I guess argue its much easier to play catchup well if it is then great because we could then have EM5 performance in a Fuji body next year.

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