Higher ISO's and the need for fast glass?

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Re: Higher ISO's and the need for fast glass?

As you knew when you asked the question, I am sure, the answer is either "yes" or "It depends".

As I've moved up in cameras, I find I can use much higher ISO's and get equal quality photos.  Probably better even.  However, I then try more challenging venues.

My old D80 with 18-200 would be completely pointless to try to shoot night soccer at the local college.  Add a D4 and it goes from pointless to bad, because F5.6 is just too slow (and 200 too short).  Add a 70-200 F2 and now it's practical, if a bit short.  Add a 400/2.8 and now you've got quite a team. at about $15,000. [No, I don't have that combination, I'm just using an example].

Take the same venue and shoot day soccer and the cost of the glass and camera can come way down.

Nikon still sells that expensive glass for a reason, and it's not that pro photographers need more weight to carry around.

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