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RX100 just over 1 EV better than S100

The Sony RX100 is just a little over 1 EV better than the Canon S100 in low-light/high ISO performance and about in line the other 1" sensor cameras on the market namely the Nikon 1 J1/J2 & V1/V2.  The next best P&S after the RX100 for low noise, high ISO image files is the 2/3" Fuji X10.

The RX100 performs about 1 EV worse than the better m43 cameras like the E-M5 or EPL-5, 1 1/2 EV worse than the better APS-C sensor cameras like the NEX-6 or D7000, and approximately 2 1/2 EV worse than a FF DSLR like the Nikon D800 (or a full 3 EV worse than the remaining kind of high ISOs the Nikon D3s).

From DxOMark Sensor Ratings:

Low-light ISO Score


Sony RX100    390 ISO

Canon S100    153 ISO

Fuji X10         245  ISO

Nikon 1 V2     403 ISO

Olympus EM5 826 ISO

Sony NEX-6    1018 ISO

Nikon D7000   1167 ISO

Pentax K-5II   1235 ISO

D800E            2979 ISO

But yes, the RX100 beats the S100 in just about every category except price, and small size (the S100 is slightly smaller).

Source for above numbers DxOMark Sensor Ratings (click on each camera in list to see detailed scoring  info)


Anyway, DxOMark is such an invaluable resource to answering questions that I was surprised that nobody mentioned it.

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