OM-D vs 5D Mk2 Test

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Re: Useless test, not so useless!

Binone wrote:

I agree with you completely regarding the shallow dof capabilities of FF vs m4/3. The vast majority of my work requires a large dof, so it's not an issue that is all that important to me, but I know that it is to many others. Regarding the issue of quality long lenses and TS glass, it's true that they may not exist in the same numbers, or at the same quality for m4/3 yet, but there's no technical reason why they can't exist and, as the popularity of m4/3 grows, we'll certainly see these items become available.

I am not so positive about native high quality TS glass becoming available as most either have no idea what they are or see them as very specialised. The strange thing is the system as a liveview camera with articulating rear screen is made for it. There is a very startling comparison over in the Canon forum on TS lenses v Nikon UWA, I am only an amateur but it surprises me why TS lenses are not more popular given the technical advantages. Maybe ppl are just lazy.

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