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Ionian wrote:

OntarioJohn wrote:

What do you mean, Sony has said there is something wrong, or it's mushy, or it's soft? You have some official confirmation? A letter to share? Or is that an opinion?

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Yes. In another thread he clearly said he was contacted by Sony regarding the mushy video and they had asked him to submit video to them because they've been investigating the mushy video.
I know you're on a one-man crusade to rid this forum of video shooters, but if you took the time to read the threads you post in you might have seen this:


This is what's making the Sony deniers so sad. It's already been acknowledged by Sony that there's video problems. At this point it's amazing that even Sony isn't enough for the deniers as they're so blinded by their beliefs.

At this point it's just fun to sit back and watch the people fighting in defense of Sony's video. I don't know about you but I'm getting a macabre sense of entertainment at this point watching it.

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I wouldn't go so far as to say they acknowledged it. They just asked for the footage so they could investigate it.  As I said I have no problem with the a99 video- in fact quite the opposite.

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