If you had $1500 to $2000 to spend for a desktop for CS6, what would you choose.?

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Re: If you had $1500 to $2000 to spend for a desktop for CS6, what would you choose.?

Thank you so much for all the feedback. At one timeĀ  would have liked to build my own computer but am in my seventies and physically unable to now. Also used to be more knowledgeable about what was available but ether there is a lot more out there or my mind s going south.

I have the monitor, keyboard and mouse, though I am planning on purchasing a new NEC monitor and keeping one of the older ones. I'm hoping the Spectraview calibrator and software that came with the older monitor will work with the new one so I don't have to add more $ to the price.

Thank you jdjdjd, for mentioning Puget Sound Systems. I looked at a couple of online custom builders of gaming computers, but found both sites busy and overwhelming. I will call them today.

kelpdiver, thanks for the explanation of the sandy bridge and ivy bridge. I am thinking of a 27 inch monitor (to replace a 26") but will probably end up with 24" because of the price difference and my shrinking desk space. I don't know what an external gfx card is. I did read that CS6 doesn't do well with two video cards. Since I'm not completely sure yet which way I will go, the card that handles the 27 inch would be best.

I wish I could mark more than one answer as my choice. You have all given me a lot to think about. I'm grateful!

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