Canon 5D Mark III Review & Wedding Setup

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Re: Canon 5D Mark III Review & Wedding Setup

Halkett Photography wrote:

Wow, so quick to judge and throw in some criticism. I do apologize in advance for not listing every item I own, to include a second Canon body (7D) along with the various diffusers, battery packs, stands, umbrellas and other items not included in my "what's in my case" list.

This is my first review and I am always open to criticism and advice of other photographers. It is a never ending field of work, in terms of the amount of knowledge one can learn. I don't like to carry two bodies and only have the second body in case of my primary failing. I prefer lens changes on be fly. Again, not trying to argue with you, but making assumptions is a critical error and flaw in far too many people these days. Happy holidays!

Regards, Derek

Halkett Photography

As a pro myself I was only pointing out that a second camera body is a must and my 'assumption' as you put it, was based on what you had written, not on guesswork. I don't expect you to list 'everything' - my 'What's in my bag' page on my blog only lists the important items - I regard camera bodies as very important and you seem to agree since you have now added the 7D to your article.

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