The best camera for macro?

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APS-C has an advantage

Peter too wrote:

We often get discussions about the best camera for landscape, lowlight, action and portraits but which camera would produce the best results for macro, using say the Canon 100mm macro and the Canon 65mm 1-5X macro?

is it just a matter of resolution i.e. the total number of pixels or is low light ability important? I am particularly thinking of insect photography.

Possible cameras might be 5D ll, 5D lll, 6D, 7D or 60D.

APS-C magnifies more. If you have an 1:1 lens, APS-C (due to its smaller sensor) will magnify 1.6x more. Where full frame will allow a 36mm wide subject to fill the frame, APS-C will allow a 22mm wide subject to fill the frame.

The 60D and 600/650D have a swivel LCD screen, which can be of a lot of help with subjects in angles where you can not get your head behind the view finder or camera. Would be of tremendous help for images like this one:

Further, what is important is the focal length and accompanying field of view. Above image has avery wide filed of view, due to the short focal length used (35mm on APS-C, with a few vertical images stitched together). This determines the look of the image more than anything else.

So, focal length choice has two factors: The longer the focal length, the bigger the distance to the subject. Handy for critters that like to fly or run away. The longer the focal length, the more narrow the field of view. So, for the look of the image, the focal length choice is important too.

This image is with about 320mm on APS-C, giving a very narrow field of view.

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