Please Help: Your Critique Needed

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Re: Please Help: Your Critique Needed

Try these settings:


  • Manual mode (flash will provide the needed varying light)
  • Picture Control Standard.
  • Matrix Metering
  • Flash WB (or auto, experiment with this)
  • 1/60
  • iso 800 (noise not an issue with D800 at iso 800, faster recycling times to flash, save battery energy)
  • f/5.6 (or practice with other aperture settings)


  • TTL (not TTL/BL)
  • Flash head straight-up
  • Slide out the small white reflector
  • Adjust exposure compensation (on flash not in camera, start with +1, the room in the photo looks too high)

Mua Bao wrote:

I am thinking of getting a D800 & was able to borrow a brand-spanking new D800 from a friend & took a few photos over Xmas. This was one of them. Besides technical flaws, what other problems do you see with this photo. To me, it looks grainy even ISO was only at 400. Maybe the flash (SB-800) was incorrectly set up/used?

Some details: 35mm, f/5, ISO 400, 1/60 sec, flash used. No PP whatsoever except for cropping in LR4.1

TIA for your time.


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