Help a noob - how to use legacy glass

Started Dec 26, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Help a noob - how to use legacy glass

1. In the Setup Menu, set "release without Lens" to Enable. It can be left there permanently.

2. In the Setup menu, set Peaking Level to Mid or Low. Low is the most precise setting but can be too fussy. Set Peaking Colour to Yellow.

3. Set Shooting Mode to A.

4. Open the lens up wide to focus, then close down until the shutter speed is suitable (with a 35mm lens, this should be 1/100 or faster if handheld). Shoot.

5. When out and about, you can often leave the lens on f/11 and about 15 ft, ready to shoot at once if you see anything.

6. It is convenient to assign ISO speed to the Right button.

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