OM-D vs 5D Mk2 Test

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Re: OM-D vs 5D Mk2 Test

noohoggin1 wrote:

I'm also struggling on whether to sell off my 5D + L lenses to go "all in" with micro 4/3rds (I have/love the OMD). I do love Canon L glass, but the sad reality is that for my paid work, perception is reality, and my paying clients are more comfortable with the "big camera + grip +huge lenses." Ah well, a stupid dilemma for a bored mind....

Yes, everyone "knows" that a bigger camera takes better photos. When showing up with a tiny OMD you can't be a real photographer, you lack credibility. Sometimes this is a good thing, when you want to hide yorself as an ordinary snapshooter to avoid attention, but when people are supposed to pay you they can appear to be very sceptical.

On the other hand, I see a tendence that tourists more and more use big dslrs, somentimes showing their photografic skills using the flash when shooting tourist views at 200 m distance, while pros and enthuisasts hide away with small Leicas, NEXes and Olys...times may change.

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