These Kodachrome shots look like Foveon images.

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Re: One important point to note!

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Back in the 1950's Kodachrome was 10 ASA (ASA was used before ISO but they have same numerical progression and in effect are the same) and then that was upped to 12 ASA and then to 25 ASA - eventually (much later) reaching the dizzy heights of 50 ASA, with still the 25 ASA being the main preferred available version, even for 35mm users. Cor Lummey!

That's why I always smile when so-called "modern photographers" seem unable to cope with 100 ISO and need to have such as 400, 800, 1600 and even 3200 and higher before they can take pictures - and at those higher speed are not (imho) really "decent" at all, in the sense of really high quality.

Then why Kodak made Tri-Max 3200? I have to smile every time I see "modern photographers" thinking that the highest image quality has to be completely smooth, super detailed or something. This has come up from time to time and the point is- technology does march forward and new things are possible.

Someone who comes from the era of chemicals where someone had to pose for close to a minute or two to take their portrait could make the same case you are making and makes as much (no) sense.

I will put myself forward as an example- I can easily take a shot at low ISO. And I have. And I do. But that's not the main domain I of photography I want to do- and there's nothing wrong with that.

Equally so, if you really think that those higher ISO speeds can't be "really decent at all" I really don't know what to tell you.  Seems to me a self justification to justify low iso only photography.

But, I will agree with you if you are referring only to the set (somewhat big) of modern photogs that just can't take a picture at all and pick any excuse, in this particular case, lack of higher ISO. Now, that is different.

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