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Re: Winter camera advice

Artrina wrote:

Thank you! I had not heard about putting the camera in the zip lock.

All jokes aside, I wouldn't use a ziplock bag.

They will work, but it just is not ideal and a kitchen size plastic trash bag is a much better tool for the purpose.  In a pinch though, keep in mind that the purpose is very specific (preventing warm air from actual physical contract with the camera) and anything from a towel, a shirt, a coat, or even a deep box to virtually any kind of a plastic wrapper will do.  For example I very often use a plastic grocery bag from the local store.

But a kitchen sized trash bag allows almost any size camera to be protected, it is easy to squeeze all of the air  out, but best of all once it is inside and you need to get the memory card or the battery out of the camera it is safe to just run your arm down into the bag to get it (opening up a ziplock bag and doing the same thing will almost certainly cause the entire bag to fill with warm moist air, which is exactly what is not wanted).

Hence, while still outside the camera should go into a kitchen trash bag, all the air should be squeezed out, it should then be brought inside and is best place in a relatively warm location with good air circulation.  That will result in the fastest possible warming. Once the entire camera is at a temperature higher than the Dew Point for the air inside the house (typically it needs to be at least 38-40F, which will still feel quite cool to the touch), it can be taken out of the bag safely.

The easy method is to have a regular camera bag, put the camera inside, zip the lid shut, and don't unzip, put it in a warm place and leave it alone for 3-4 hours.  That works just fine if you don't really need to work on the pictures for 3-4 hours.

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