Please Help: Your Critique Needed

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Re: Please Help: Your Critique Needed

eric wrote:

To be honest, this just looks like a typical average snapshot any grandmom or wife or kid or dad would take. I would not be worrying about "grain". Really I hope your not interested in a d800 just to take snapshots of the family and dog and flowers in the back yard because you can save yourself a boatload of cash and just get a nice point and shoot. Dont think a better camera will magically make you a photographer. in fact it will really highlight the flaws in your skills. However if you just want a d800 so friends can envy you, you should totally go for it!


Thanks Eric for taking the time to write.

Everyone has to get through the "typical average snapshot" phase (except the snapshot I posted in this thread is less-than-average - I did own a P&S camera & many of those shots I took were definitely better); the difference being that such a person recognizes that there're flaws & is willing to learn.

I'm not sure how to take your comment:  Was it a critique?  If so, you're making a bunch of assumptions that are condescending.  Other than that, I failed to see its usefulness.

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