Can m4/3 Lenses Be Used On a NEX Camera?

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Re: Can m4/3 Lenses Be Used On a NEX Camera?

lenshoarder wrote:

Why would you want to?

One reason you might want to is that no m43 body has focus peaking (yet?), and more generally, I find the NEX 7 is generally handier for manual focusing with "legacy" (or "dumb") lenses, compared to the Olympus OM-D. The big disadvantage, of course, is the NEX's lack of IBIS, a serious issue for normal-to-long lenses, but less so for wide-angle work.
The Voigtlander 17.5mm/f.95 Nokton on the NEX becomes a decently wide 26.25mm FoV lens, with some clipping of the corners (rather less than those from using a C-mount lens on a m43 camera), which should hardly be noticeable for some kinds of wide-open low-light work (e.g. a singer illuminated on a stage in a dark theater), since the lens (like all ultra-fast lenses of this class) vignettes heavily wide open. The clipped corners can also be cropped off in PP, for an ultra-wide "panoramic" (or HDTV) type framing, or whatever.
In any event, I (and Santa) have taken the plunge and acquired a 17.5mm Nokton, specifically for use on the NEX 7 for low-light, interior work. Still getting used to it.

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