IQ, old F20/30 vs. XF1 (I a should have asked it this way before)

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Re: The trouble with Auto DR ...

CAcreeks wrote:

danny_only wrote:

I also use similar easy/leisure settings when shooting my F200exr (and F300exr), almost 99.9% of the time.

  • P Mode
  • M Size
  • Auto DR
  • Auto ISO400 for good light, Auto ISO1600 for poor light

The trouble with Auto DR is that it sometimes chooses 100% or 200% and blows highlights.

I don't see the point of that, because in M size, 400% is no noisier than other settings. And DR 400% gives you that wonderful S-shaped tone curve that we always adored in the bad old film days.

The X10 was better in L size than previous F models, indicating that Fuji improved their EXR algorithms. It would be interesting to test the XF1 and perhaps current F models.

I tried many times setting the DR myself both under harsh sun light or high contrast city night light environment, most of the times, the camera select better DR% then I did and pictures looked better than the control pictures with manual adjusted DR%, so since then I settled for Auto DR for leisure and quick after works shootings.You may be right that some times F200exr may select less than ideal DR%, but I normally use exposure compensation, composition adjustment and/or PP to get the result I like. I am not very picky, most of the times I just want to take a quick snap shot and leave.

As for DR400 and ISO400 poor combination will show odd looking artifacts (looked like small crosses, but rotated 45 degree), I tried to see for myself once after being told by Hugo to avoid such combination. If memory served me right, after several months, Hugo told me he had fixed the DR to 200% on his F200 for most shootings, but I was too lazy to change my Auto DR setting and just leave it there. F200exr is not an enthusiast camera, only 2 apertures,  1 is even achieved by using ND filter and small orifice, imagine a bulldog with 2 teeth only, 1 is artificial teeth not for bitting, how tough can it be?

So I guess now M-size is no longer needed in newer Fuji cameras.

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