Help a noob - how to use legacy glass

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Re: Help a noob - how to use legacy glass

mkln wrote:

you can use shutter priority S with auto ISO when there is low light

since in S priority you set the shutter speed, and you use the aperture ring to set the aperture, this just works as manual mode + auto iso, which isn't available with native glass.

there's no difference if you set S+manual ISO or M+manual ISO

my rule of thumb goes as follows:

- good light: aperture priority + iso 100. the camera selects the shutter speed automatically.

- low light: shutter priority at 1/ 2xfocal length + iso auto. the camera selects the lowest possible iso to get the pic as properly exposed as possible. it's possible you get underexposed shots, but they are much more likely not to be blurred because of the 1/2xFL rule you impose.

I found aperture priority with legacy glass and low light to be rather useless because when the camera does not recognize the glass it sets 1/60 as the maximum speed. totally wrong when you have a 50mm or longer lens.

My experience is the same.

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