D600 back from Nikon cleaning, has spots, anyone else?

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Re: D600 back from Nikon cleaning, has spots, anyone else?

roombarobot wrote:

Caspianm, the pic I posted is actually after two sessions with a rocket blower, so I did try to clean it. These are the things that didn't move.

Now what?

Most people on this forum that have solved this issue have recommended taking at least 1,000 photos with a shutter speed of 1,2000th second. Set the release mode to continuous high speed to speed up the process. Then clean the sensor, and there should then be no further issues.

Exactly how many shutter activations do you have on your D600 so far? Is the count still low?

When the D7000 first came out it was plagued by spots too. People then found out that setting the release mode to the Quiet option helped to prevent further spots.

So far I have a single spot in the upper left corner of my D600's sensor. However, I've yet to see it show up in any photos that I have taken. Here is a photo of the left corner of my sensor shown at 100% magnification.

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