GF3 upgrade for naughty videos in low light - 20mm f/1.7 lens or GX1 body

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Re: Best bedroom shenanigans m43 lens / body

BennyBC wrote:

Hey there, I got myself a Lumix GF3 a while back with the 14mm pancake and it's been a great upgrade from my previous compact cameras. I also selected it because of it's ability to take long duration video for bedroom shenanigans. It does this well and can film hours of footage. The trouble is that it's low light performance is fairly poor and I don't think setting up lights would go down well. In fact, it would be great to be able to get a half decent picture with candle light.

Anyway I've been considering an upgrade to get better low light picture quality and can't decide which one would be better between the lumix 20m f/1.7 lens or buying a GX1 body (gets a much better low light rating from DPreview). They both cost about the same. I may well buy both eventually and sell my current camera but I would really appreciate people's views on which would be more effective in the short run.



Either the lens of body would be 'improvements'. If your shenanigans were shot with a tripod only, then what you might be looking for is a cheaper manual focus bright lens with adapter. Or you might just 'invest' in some additional temporary lighting.

ROTFL - this does have to be one of the most amusing posts ever.

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