Thank! you. Thank! you. Thank! you.

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James Cafferty Veteran Member • Posts: 5,364
Thank! you. Thank! you. Thank! you.

Thank! you for calling the "Tell Americans How To Live" HOTLINE.

Prepared scripts on Speedial are available for our regular customers.

Dial 1 - if you are Mentor (The Tormentor)
Dial 2 - if you are Wheatfield
Dial 3 - if you are aus4ever
Dial 4 - if you are LeRentier
Dial 5 - if you are FeedMe
Dial 6 - if you are a bored Canadian, Englishman, Australian, or Kiwi (with nothing better to do)
Dial 7 - if you German or French
Dial 8 - if you are unaware that the Russians have supplied Assad with state of the art cruise missiles (and don't care)
Dial 9 - if you are unaware that Chinese ships have entered Japanese waters near disputed islands (and don't care)
Dial 10 - if you are aware there are larger issues that also require your dictatorial attention

BTW: We've been meaning to tell you Brits that we are displeased with your devotion to your Monarchs. We think the Queen is superfluous and should be retired. You have a Prime Minister that handles your government (for better or worse). Of course his job performance is in question too because he is not doing everything we want him to. We will tell you what to do with him in a future communiqué. And, there are a number of other issues we need to have you correct. Keep smiling.
That is all for the moment. 

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All the best,
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