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Re: Reviews can be a bit of a subjective scenario....

Jared Huntr wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

The IR review sites AF issues at a comic convention. Looking at the sample photos and available lighting I cannot imagine the P7700 having trouble in that setting.


I interpreted the IR review comment to mean that AF was so slow that they missed shots because the subjects had walked off before AF could lock, not that they attempted AF and it failed.

You're right! That's exactly what's he's saying and I do note that the P7700 does the following at or around 200mm....

Half press, lens goes beyond focus point, withdraws past it again and then back in and locks. The Canon G15, if I recall correctly from yesterday, was going past the focus point and then drawing back to nail focus. It's a bit quicker and overall I agree that the Canon is faster to acquire focus. I don't know how many shots I'd miss compared to the G15, but if I wanted real performance I'd use the D5100 or D800.

At wider settings the P7700 is reasonably quick to lock focus. Still, here's a quick snap in a fairly dark room (clearly! ISO 3200, F4, 1/13 sec exp at 200mm.). No trouble with AF, though it takes a second to lock in conditions like this. This is a JPEG right out of the cam. There's not much detail to rescue from a JPEG at ISO 3200 (and there's a bit of motion blur due to slow shutter), but the AF is working well.

The Canon will lock faster, but then it doesn't have 200mm. It does have about a stop better high ISO ability, though I'd hesitate to use either at 800 and above.

If Nikon can make the P7700 focus a bit faster it would certainly be nice, but as it stands I;m quite happy with it.


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